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A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. is a service-based company located in Cyprus, offering professional services to businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector. With decades of experience working with companies and individuals in the hospitality industry, A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. is fully equipped to help you increase your bottom line.

Having been offering support and assistance to the hospitality, leisure, and retail sector for 10+ years, and the talented team at A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. knows that balancing the right combination of service, amenities, and prices earns loyal customers. Our understanding of the issues and risks facing companies in these sectors makes us well placed to provide valuable advice to our clients.

This sector includes a variety of establishments, from restaurants and hotels to clubs, casinos, resorts, campsites, and luxury transportation services. Our team of specialists has a wide range of experience working with clients operating across all spectrums of the industry, from small retail shops to multi-branch retail businesses, hotels, entertainment venues, and chain pubs and restaurants. By keeping an eye on changing market trends and the issues affecting these companies, we can react swiftly and support clients in making decisions about their business.

We deliver secure, reliable, and growth-oriented software migration services. Our support services go beyond the audit and tax compliance process, and are available in several forms, including implementation of time recording systems to make payroll processes more efficient, assistance with financial projections for businesses seeking funding, and review of tax allowances to ensure procurement of maximum available reliefs. Among the services we provide are:

  1. Budget preparation
  2. Business planning
  3. Creating financial statements and balance sheets
  4. Payroll
  5. Preparing a precise collection of month-end accounts
  6. Financial Accounting
  7. Audit Functions

Our team of professionals is experienced in the leisure and hospitality industry, and we can help develop a brand new financial system that offers you the tools you need to make smarter decisions quickly and efficiently and maintain solid financial management that enables growth.

From salary payments to reporting total sales and recording transactions, every step requires specialized accounting management. This is why accounting is crucial to the hospitality industry. A & C CHRISTOFI offers you the data you need to improve the function of every aspect of your establishment and help you make proactive decisions and maximize profits.

Focus your energies on keeping your guests and patrons happy, and leave the bookkeeping to us. To learn more about our hospitality and hotel bookkeeping services, please contact us at info@acccyp.com or call us on +357 25 332 177.

Read about our Covid-19 business support and working arrangements plan. We're posting regular updates to help our clients stay informed.

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