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Registrar of Companies – Annual Levy 2020 (17/06/2020)

All companies registered in Cyprus (either dormant or not) are required to pay an Annual Levy in the amount of EUR 350, by 30 June of each year. The Cyprus Registrar of Companies, in order to support companies affected by the spread of COVID-19, has issued a formal announcement in March 2020 to extend the deadline for the annual levy until 31st December 2020 without the penalty charge of 10% or 30%. For additional information how to proceed with the payment through JCC SMART click here..

Tax Fact & Figure (23/10/2019)

An individual shall be a tax resident individual in Cyprus if the individual is present in the
Republic ofCyprus for a period of, or periods mounting in aggregate to, more than 183 days in
any one calendar year.   read more..

Cyprus Social Insurance Rates 2016 (04/01/2016)

The Social Insurance Office lays down yearly the maximum amount of earnings used for
the purpose of calculating the contributions to the Social Insurance, Redundancy and
Industrial Training Funds.   read more..

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