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A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. is a service-based company located in Cyprus, offering professional services to businesses in the insurance sector. With decades of experience working with companies and individuals in the insurance industry, A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. is fully equipped to help you increase your bottom line.

Our scalable insurance business accounting services take away the burden of staffing as well as handling in-house bookkeepers and accounting professionals. We provide a level of dependability, persistence and competence that is characteristically exclusive to insurance businesses. With a fractional share of an entire account’s division, you will reap the benefits of both the worlds – capabilities as required without any hassle. By keeping an eye on changing market trends and the issues affecting the companies in the insurance sector, we can react swiftly and support clients in making decisions about their business.

Bookkeeping, account reconciliation, tax preparation along with other accounting services for insurance companies are just a few of our offerings. Our team can take care of all your daily accounting and bookkeeping tasks by means of our revolutionary insurance agency accounting software, so you can pay tofocus on running your business efficiently. Additionally, we can easily set -up the new accounting software of your choice, train your staff and assist you in using it in-house. We can keep track of your insurance bookkeeping on a month-to-month, quarterly or yearly basis. We make sure that our customers gain sufficient control over their accounts, with regular follow-ups on outstanding invoices and comprehensive reporting on account activities.

Our accounting services for Insurance allow customers from different market segments (Person Lines, Business Lines, General Liability or Health Insurance, etc.) to manage crucial finance functions that impact their business ROI. By outsourcing, insurance companies can get holda handle on their insurance premium accounting, payment collections, and overall expense ratio. As part of insurance accounting, we offer the following solutions –

  1. Invoice Delivery
  2. Maintaining Accessible Records of Insurance Premiums
  3. Payment Follow-Ups
  4. Generate Categorized Invoices
  5. Generate Accounts Receivable Transaction Statements
  6. Simplify Cash Application Process
  7. Maintain a Record of all the Revenue Streams

We can take your business model to new heights and improve cash-flow without letting you run into bad debts. We help insurance brokers to effortlessly handle financial functions as we take care of insurance accounting and billing services so that error-free and cohesive invoices can be submitted to insurance carriers. Additionally, we send payment reminders to your clients, receive payments for the invoice, and catalogue AR invoices for reporting account functions.

For a detailed discussion please contact us at info@acccyp.com or call us on +357 25 332 177.

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