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Audit and Assurance Services

Here at A & C CHRISTOFI LTD, we provide audit and assurance services that are specifically designed to help you navigate regulatory complexity. Our objective approach provides decision makers with the information they need to take business to the next level, while transparent communication strengthens the trust of stakeholders and investors.

So, how do our services work?

While the purpose of a financial audit is to ensure financial records provide a clear, fair, and accurate representation of an organisation, assurance services proactively manage and monitor risks and opportunities within a partner network.


Auditing Services
Auditing is all about making sure financial records are fair and accurate. Audits can be required by law or requested by potential investors or stakeholders. The process needn’t be stressful, negative, or time consuming. In fact, audits are simply designed to give shareholders and directors peace of mind. They can also identify accounting system weaknesses that would benefit from improvements and streamline your business

Auditing Benefits Inclide-

✔ 100% compliance with industry obligations

✔ An overview of internal systems and controls

✔ Independent verification for business credibility

✔ The opportunity to prevent fraud and in-house malpractice

✔ Critical examination leading to better financial planning and budgeting

Assurance Services

The independent assurance services we offer are designed to improve the quality and context of information so that decision makers can progress in business with confidence. We focus on the processes, controls, and operations of an organisation to make sure everything is being conducted correctly. We make sure there is no evidence of material misstatement and use accurate benchmarking criteria.

Auditing is a type of assurance as it presents the details of a business clearly. Such information can be valuable to those who want to partner or invest with a specific company. Analysing financial systems is one part of assurance services but we can also look at other areas such as IT systems.

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